Saturday, June 6, 2009

Homecoming hijinx

I managed to escape the chilly Chicago spring in early May and made my way to sunny South Carolina. Mum was incredibly happy to see me over Mother's Day weekend and just a few weeks before my birthday. And she wanted to pick my brain about a project she had on the horizon. Being a middle school teacher Mum frequently has extracurricular duties like puting on a Thanksgiving potluck or tutoring, but this time her activities wandered into my realm: the realm of glitter and hot glue. 

Mum had volunteered to handle the elections for the king and queen of the 8th grade spring dance. Our objective was to create sashes for the Court and figure out a plan for crowns for the king and queen. I think the whole project ended up costing around $30, and we ended up with 8 sashes and the king's crown. 

Totally cute right?

They're just tubes of white sateen fabric, glitter lettering (with tacky glue and my lovely penmanship), and fake flowers found at Michaels. 

I also got a new camera while I was there for my bday (thanks Mum!), and these were my first pics. I hope to improve as time goes by. 

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  1. These are definitely fun. I really like how you captured the glistening sateen effect in the second shot :)