Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fiesta Kitchen

I told you I had lots of projects waiting in the wings. A friend of mine suggested that I hold on to them and space them out, but I just get so excited! I'm in the middle of upgrading my kitchen decor. It wasn't really a planned project, so much as a simple summer idea spiraled out of control.

See, I wanted an herb garden to sit by my kitchen window. And I wanted pretty pots in which to plant my herbs. But it was a bitch finding pots I liked and could afford (ain't that always the catch?) Then it was my new-found, crafty ways to the rescue!

Plain terracotta pots + spackle to hid cracks (damaged ones were super cheap!) + generous festive paint=

Textured fiesta fun! You can kind of see one of my dish towels in the background, and you might notice that it continues the fiesta theme. Oh yes. A color scheme was born.

This led to another project involving my front door, but that's an update for another day.

Spearmint close up

Parsley and Dill shackin' up before we lost Dill to the dark side.

Currently I have basil, spearmint, and parsley growing. I tried dill, but it recently went brown and died...maybe the heat? My green thumb isn't exactly finely honed.

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