Monday, July 27, 2009

Painted Front Door with a Surprise

My front door was hideous.

I mean it was a special brand of awful. It was probably a kind of slate-ish, blue/grey color at one point, but that had long since evolved into dingy filth. And it has clearly been forced open once in the past, which is most likely what prompted the addition of the dead bolt. Seriously. Ugly and creepy.


Now, I'm not technically, exactly allowed to paint in my apartment. But this called for a little bending of the rules...and really they only ever told me not to paint the walls.

Instant improvement.

So it started, and in a few hours, this:

Became this:

As for the surprise? A splash of color on the inside!

This is far from the most involved thing I've done. But I have to admit it has probably made the most impact on how I feel about my home. And I did it with stuff I had around from other projects.

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  1. What a simple and effective idea :) This is definitely a huge improvement.